Monday, December 8, 2008

Are there really benefits to not vaxing? You Betcha!

The benefits of non vaxing are vast. A very little known fact is that a lot of doctors/pediatricians are unvaccinated or selectively vaccinated themselves and so are their children.

My Pediatrician, actually delays and selectively vaccinates herself. She is 100% supportive of my decision not to vax. She has even asked me for advice about the subject, that speaks in volumes to me.

In this blog, I'm going to explain some of the wonderful benefits of being unvaccinated, and how vaccinating does a lot more harm than good to the natural function of our bodies.

Here's the wonderful thing about our bodies. They were created to fight off disease naturally, create a natural immunity in return, and then become bigger and stronger, ready to fight against the next disease! Here's where vaccines come in and disrupt our bodies natural function. Lets take Measles for example. When a little girl catches measles naturally, her body not only creates a lifelong immunity for herself to never catch that disease again, but it also creates a temporary immunity for her future babies, that lasts 12 months and even longer if breastfeeding. What happens when we vaccinate against measles is, we are preventing girls from catching this disease naturally (rather, they are catching it artificially, which does not have the same effect), and we are preventing her body from making these crucial anti-bodies for her future babies. Did you know that a baby is most at risk of having a serious reaction from a disease before the age of 12 months? This is because the immune system is not fully developed until after the first year. So if the baby is not getting those natural anti-bodies from mom, then how is she protected during that first year? In case you didn't notice, the MMR is not administered until after 12 months, so the baby is left extremely vulnerable.

So if a baby is most vulnerable during the first 12 months, then why are they being vaxed for the MMR after 12 months? Also, a baby who is being vaccinated against other diseases is also not protected those either during the first year, since it takes many doses for a vaccine to be considered "effective". Most doses take a year or longer to be considered "effective" by the Pharma companies standards.

To make a long story short...Babies under 12 months are most vulnerable to having a serious reaction to a disease (and that's any illness, not just the ones vax's protect against). Breastfeeding for a year greatly reduces your baby's chances of getting sick or having a serious reaction, that is one reason why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nursing for at least one year. Once your baby's immune system is developed, they are actually really good at fighting off disease. Childhood is the perfect time for a child to catch a disease because this is the time when their immune system is the strongest. In return, they will not only be lifelong immune, but have a stronger immune system that will last them into adulthood, another crucial time in one person's life. By vaxing against these diseases in childhood, we are putting them off until adulthood, a time when there are serious side effects from the diseases because our immune systems weaken over time, especially if we are not used to being sick in childhood (like i mentioned, getting sick naturally strengthens us!). If we don't get sick in childhood, we cant strengthen our immune systems. If we cant strengthen our immune systems, we face more serious reactions as adults when the temporary "immunity" wears off of vaccines. Its rather quite simple, get sick to get healthy! That's how our bodies work!

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