Monday, December 8, 2008

Better health and sanitation behind reduction disease deaths?

It's the truth! Vaccines were not introduced until well after deaths from diseases were already on the dramatic decline! Better health and sanitation, and no more over crowding in big cities was indeed the main reason deaths from diseases weren't happening as often anymore.  After vaccines were introduced (specifically the whooping cough vaccine, pertussis), cases actually rose, in other words, despite pharma companies proclaiming they were eliminating the disease, they were actually causing more cases to happen. Here are a few charts to prove that death rates were already on the HUGE decline, BEFORE vaccines were introduced... (taken from

**if for some reason the entire graph is not showing up, click on the image to open up a new window and the whole picture will show up for you.**


Lets take a look at another graph. This time, a cancer statistic graph. Some of the ingredients in vaccines are highly cancerous. Even doctors will tell you some of the ingredients are very cancerous (although they will say there is a "safe" amount of these cancer causing agents in vaccines even though in a lot of cases the amount of the ingredient exceeds the "safe" amount.). The increase in cancer can be due to chemicals being added to our environment and food as well. Unfortunately when a vaccine is injected into your baby's blood stream there is not a filter yet developed, so these cancer causing ingredients can go straight to the baby's brain.


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