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Common misconceptions about un-vaccinated children:

There are a growing number of parents who are making the choice not to vaccinate, and with that comes a growing amount of criticism on our behalf.  I wanted to post a few common misconceptions that go along with being an unvaccinated child.

Myth: An unvaccinated child will automatically get the disease its not vaccinated against.
Fact: This is probably the biggest misconception. Unvaccinated children are at no more risk for being exposed to a disease than a vaccinated child is. The diseases do not go looking for children who are unvaccinated and single them out. You're either exposed to the disease or you're not, whether your vax'd or not vax'd.

Myth: Unvaccinated children cannot attend daycare or school.
Fact: parents can check with their state's vaccination exemption policy and fill out an exemption form for religious or philosophical exemption. Children cannot be denied access to a public school for being unvaccinated if the exemption form is filled out.

Myth: An Unvaccinated child puts a vaccinated child at risk when they are exposed to each other.
Fact: A non-vaccinated child cannot put vaccinated children at risk if the vaccines are effective.

Myth: an unvaccinated child who catches the disease will get extremely ill and probably die or have life long side effects from the disease.
Fact: an unvaccinated child will develop a life long natural immunity against the disease (and even immunities for future biological children if it's a girl who catches the disease), as compared to the temporary immunity from a vaccine that doesn't protect the child in adulthood, when the diseases are more likely to cause a serious reaction such as pneumonia and male sterility.

Myth: Un-vaccinated children are the only ones who are vulnerable to catching the disease if exposed.
Fact: Vaccinated children are just as at risk for catching the disease as unvaccinated children are. Take a look at past breakouts where over half of the people infected are in fact 100% fully vaccinated.

I also wanted to post a few things I read in an article written by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D and has some great facts and information about vaccines.

• The death rate from measles fell more than 95 percent before
mass measles vaccination began in the U.S. The same occurred in
Great Britain.

• Whooping cough death rates were falling before mass
vaccination programs began — by an eye-popping 75 percent in
both countries.

• The death rate from the polio scourge was falling — well before
the polio vaccine was introduced

Why were the death rates from these childhood diseases falling so rapidly? Pro-vaccine elements — the government and big pharma — take credit for that decline in death rates, but the truth is simpler: Better nutrition and sanitation, especially in big cities, account for most of the improvement in death statistics. This information has been noted in health literature but has been widely ignored

*Many vaccines, especially tetanus and DtaP, which is three vaccines mixed to immunize against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, increase the risk of children developing asthma, eczema and even juvenile diabetes, which are autoimmune-related diseases. Asthma rates continue to climb, and it parallels the growing number of vaccines being given to children. Likewise, mercury has been proven to induce autoimmune diseases in genetically susceptible people.

*If you ask doctors why we have not had an epidemic of diphtheria or tetanus in the last 60 years, they would quickly reply "herd immunity." Yet the largest segment of the population, the baby boomers, has not been immunized against childhood diseases since they were small children. That means that roughly half of the U.S. population has been without vaccine protection for these diseases for 50 years! In essence, this nation has been without herd immunity protection for half a century, yet there has not been one mass outbreak of
deadly childhood diseases. For more than a century, the Amish in this country have not vaccinated their children at all, and there has been no record of the wholesale deaths of Amish children. Believe me, you would have heard about it.

*Even more startling is the finding that when small outbreaks of whopping cough and measles do occur, the majority of affected children are found to have been vaccinated. In the 1986 Kansas whooping cough outbreak, 90 percent of the affected children had been fully vaccinated. In the 1994 outbreak in Ohio, 82 percent had been vaccinated, and 74 percent of kids had their shots in the 1996 Vermont outbreak. I personally had whooping cough as a child after being given the vaccine that was supposed to prevent it. This means that the majority of infections occur in fully vaccinated kids, not in those who have not been vaccinated. It also confirms that the herd immunity idea is a myth, since even the vaccinated children are not being protected.

The truth is, experts know their vaccines are not giving most children protection, so blaming unvaccinated children for outbreaks gives them an excuse. In fact, several of the vaccines are associated with an increased incidence of the very diseases they were designed to prevent. For example, the rubella vaccine was supposed to prevent physical birth defects in infants born to women infected during pregnancy with the rubella virus, commonly called German measles. Incredibly, the number of cases of congenital rubella malformations increased after the vaccine was introduced in 1969. In 1966, for example, there were 11 cases reported nationwide and 10 cases in 1967, before the vaccine program started. One year after the mass vaccination of pregnant women began, the incidence increased to 77 cases — a 600 percent increase. The incidence has
remained high ever since.

Vaccination for measles simply shifted the incidence of infection to newborns and small babies, a time of life when health complications and the chances of death are greatly increased. The idea of sick newborns then gave pediatricians and the American Academy of Pediatrics a new set of horror stories to justify forced vaccination programs, all the while never admitting that the vaccine program itself caused the problem to begin with. When young girls catch measles naturally, they in turn are able to pass this immune protection on to their babies when they are older, both by antibody transfer through the placenta and by way of breast milk after giving birth. Vaccination with MMR prevents girls from getting the measles, and it also keeps their immunity from being transferred to their future children, who are then born utterly unprotected.

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